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Usa Tire Test Comparison

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2010 Street Motorcycle Tire Comparison
Motorcycle USA puts 10 different high-performance street motorcycle tires to the test. Find out which tire comes out on top in the 2010 Street Motorcycle Tire Comparison Video . Motorcycle tires are the most critical link between rider and machine. They are one of the primary performance aspects of a…
2011 Ducati Diavel Streetfighter Comparison
…but that hasn’t stopped Motorcycle USA from tossing the brutish Italian into a couple of 2011 comparison reviews. First in the 2011 Power Cruiser Shootout , the ranks from which Ducati expects to poach most of its sales. The wild card Diavel dominated in that test, so now the high-performance Duc squares…
2009 DOT Race Motorcycle Tire Shootout
…motorcycle-related comparisons. This is exactly why for our 2009 Tire Shootout we mixed things up - and in a big way! Check it out as Steve Atlas puts some of the top DOT Race tires to the test in our 2009 Motorcycle-USA DOT Race Tire Shootout video! One of the biggest parts of any comparison is the rider's…
Pirelli Angel ST Tire Review
…Pirelli’s performance claims based off our trouble-free rides. (For more in depth tire evaluations stay tuned for the much-anticipated Motorcycle USA Tire Comparison Test) As for durability, I tried to get 7500 miles in our two test rides, but came up about, oh, seven thousand and something short… Again we’ll…
2012 Superbike Traction Control Comparison
…TC systems are starting to include wheelie and launch control as well. THE CHALLENGERS puts six of the latest production traction-equipped liter-bikes to the test in this comparison. Racing is the nucleus of Ducati. So it was no surprise that the Italian brand was the first to introduce…
2011 BMW K1300S Comparison
…gallons MPG: 33.6 Range: 168 MSRP: $15,850 ($17,400 as tested) Highs & Lows Highs Most Powerful Engine German Good Looks Fastest Bike in the Test Lows Highest MSRP Feels Heavy Unusual Handling Characteristics Related Articles 2009 BMW K1300S Comparison 2009 BMW K Series Goes to 1300
Motorcycle USA Best of 2009 Awards
…the manufacturers' standings. Another change was a complete overhaul of the K series to 1300cc - the sport-touring K1300GT winning our 2009 ST comparison test. Add to the 2009 changes plenty of teasers for what's to come from BMW. There was the C1-E scooter, an electric-powered take on its earlier C1…
2011 Honda VFR1200F Comparison
…-Four overpower its Inline rivals? Watch the 2011 Honda VFR1200F Comparison Video for the answer. Motorcycle USA has struggled to find a place for the Honda VFR1200F ever since it debuted as a 2010 model. Our first VFR comparison test pitted it against the Kawasaki Concours 14 and Suzuki Hayabusa, just…
2013 Kawasaki KFX90 Comparison Review
MotoUSA's pint-sized testing troop tears around on the Kawasaki KFX90 in the KLF90 ATV video . The Kawasaki KFX90 might have finished third in this comparison test but is still a winner in our book. It has a couple unique features that make it a viable offering in the youth ATV market. It comes with…
2009 Kawasaki Concours 14 Comparison
…worst handler in the test. Lowhandling ratings proved to be the Kawi's downfall. The only bike to utilize a 190 rear, the seeming consensus industry opinion cites tire wear as the most likely cause of the handling flaws. This suspicion was confirmed in our 2010 test ride on new tires, with a thicker rubber…
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