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Street Tire Comparison

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2010 Street Motorcycle Tire Comparison
…comprehensive tire comparison test to date. Street Motorcycle Tire Comparo Photos Latest Sportbike News More Sportbike News Recent Sportbike Gear Reviews More Sportbike Gear Reviews 2010 Tire Comparo Willow Springs 2010 Tire Comparo Streets of Willow Shop Tires at Motorcycle Superstore Motorcycle Tires Find the…
Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP Tire Comparison Review
…identical to the DOT-legal road racing tire. The fourth A Group tire in our tire comparison is the Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP . This is the Italian tire conglomerates top-tier street tire. It is modeled after its World Supersport-spec Diablo Supercorsa road racing tire and comes as standard fitment on a…
Dunlop Sportmax Q2 Tire Comparison Review
…name brand tires in this test the Q2s deliver a very high-level of performance for a street tire. But next to how rigid they feel the thing that really sets them apart from the competition is the price. Simply put the Dunlops are an unbelievable value for the money making them the tire we’d purchase…
Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tire Comparison Review
tires felt like they moved around a lot which reduced confidence especially in the front hoop, when bombing into faster triple-digit corners at the racetrack. Dave Moss from Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning and Chris McGuire from CT Racing assist us with our street tire comparison. At the Streets,…
2013 Triumph Daytona 675R Street Comparison
…us mortals will enjoy the safety cut-in, and Circuit mode allows for a generous degree of tire slip. Ergonomics on the Triumph haven’t been the highlight of the Daytona in the past, particularly for the street. It’s still not as comfy as the 600s, but this year it did seem improved in our tester’s…
Shinko 005 Advance Tire Comparison Review
…Advance front tire came in as the third-heaviest behind the Avon VP2 Supersport, meanwhile the weight of the rear tire placed around mid-pack. Both on the track and the street the tires are toward the back of the field in terms of warm-up with a few minutes of riding (on the street) required before…
Bridgestone BT-003RS Tire Comparison Review
…Racing Street Rear Tire Superstore Price: $116.99 - $169.99 Buy It now: Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 Racing Street Rear Tire Check out more Bridgestone Tires and Motorcycle Tires at Motorcycle Superstore . Related Articles Bridgestone BT-023 Tire Review Bridgestone Battlax BT003 Tire Comparison Review…
Avon VP2 Supersport Tire Comparison Review
tires in Group A the Avon VP2 Supersport features no tread sipes on the shoulder of the rear tire. Most sport motorcyclists are probably not familiar with the Avon brand. The U.S.-owned tire manufacturer hopes to change all that with its Avon VP2 Supersport road tire. The VP2 is Avon’s top level street/…
Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 Tire Comparison Review
…the rider to push the tires, especially the rear, by getting on the throttle early and hard. Sure the rear tire spun a lot but it was very controlled and simple to anticipate. Braking stability and performance was also excellent. The Bridgestone BT-016s are a fantastic street tire with a above average…
Michelin Power One 2CT Tire Comparison Review
…-labeled racing tire that is also available in a specifically designed street/trackday construction which we tested. Although visually it appears nearly identical to the full-on race version it’s not. To confirm the difference you have you need to look at the sidewall of the tires. There will be a…
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