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Snow Tracks

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2Moto Snow Bike Motorcycle Review
…of a number system. We consider it the basis of the snow bike world."" Order a 2Moto kit for your bike (MSRP $4249 carbureted, $4449 EFI) and you'll receive three boxes of hardware. Inside the boxes are suspension components, RadiX swingarm, track and ski which are semi-universal. The only time you can't…
SnoXcycle Snow Bike Comparison Review
…attractive option for new snow riders. This is a totally different kind of ride. I almost made the mistake of totally discounting it before taking it out for a ride. Its unique design platform has its own strengths and in some ways out performs the other models. With its narrow track system the SnoX is not…
2011 Snow Bike Comparison
…combination of each. Many would argue that it is the best of each. As a motorcycle converted to accept a ski on the front and track on the back, it opens up many new ways to exploit the snow. While the sport is not exactly a household word yet, that does not mean that nothing has been going on. In fact, there…
Timbersled Snow Bike Comparison Review
…inches of travel. Probably the single most unique element of the track system is the 20-degree incline at the front of the track that gives a softer angle of approach. This incline allows the track to naturally to climb on top of the snow instead of digging into it. The front ski is nearly identical to…
EXPLORER Snow Bike Conversion Kit
…motorcycle sand tire. Replacement tracks cost $500, but the sealed bearings and bogie wheels should help minimize damages from grit. We didn’t make it to the coast to verify, but check out the video to see for yourself. The ski and track are both adjustable to accommodate snow conditions. The wheels obviously…
2011 Polaris RZR XP 900 First Ride
…It’s louder and the driver can feel it through the steering wheel. Polaris claims the XP will top out at 73 miles per hour. We have yet to lay tracks on a straight long enough to find out, but it’s not for a lack of trying and we’ve seen high-60s on the speedo. Increased velocity demands increased…
2Moto Snow Bike Race at Sandpoint
…snowmobiles. Bring your RadiX snow bikes, or come watch! The final snow bike race of the season will be April 18-19 at Schweitzer Ski Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho. 2Moto will be part of the final Mountain West Racing Snocross race of the season. We'll be racing on the same track as the snowmobiles. 2Moto will…
2Moto Snow Bike Comparison Review
…carbides that run along each edge to help the ski track. There are also different widths available to accommodate different conditions. The 11” wide powder ski is ideal for tracking through deeper snow as it allows the ski to stay on top of the snow better. Extra mounting holes allow the ski to be moved…
Dr Frazier: There's No Place Like Nome
…pavement, more miles of gravel roads and then some tracks and trails. The Kawasaki had been set up for whatever I thought the area could throw at me, so I decided to ride every mile of road, track, trail and This is the treeless road to Council, with snow alongside in July. beach I could before my schedule…
2011 Snow Bike Comparison Conclusion
…seeing the different types of development that are going on in the snow bike industry. It is not just one static design model. In fact, it seems to me that we have yet to see the ultimate snow bike. Clearly, some combinations of ski, track and suspension have yet to be combined to make the ultimate machine…
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