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2014 Kawasaki J300 Scooter First Look
Kawasaki has finally entered the scooter market with the release of its J300. A European model teased in October, the 2014 J300 scooter made its official debut at the EICMA show in Milan . “Kawasaki is keen to offer a broad approach to consumers transport needs,” said Managing Director of Kawasaki…
Honda Leasing EV-neo Electric Scooter
…leasing 100 EV-neo electric scooters to select Japanese businesses on December 24, 2010. A more extensive public release is planned for April 2011. Honda first announced plans for the EV-neo lease program back in April 2010 ( Honda Plans Sales for EV-neo Electric Scooter ). This latest wave of 100 lease…
2011 Yamaha TMAX Comparison
…its own on twisty back roads with a good majority of today’s full-sized bikes. That’s something none of the other scooters in this test came close to achieving. “This is a scooter for motorcycle riders,” remarks Dawes of the Yamaha after only a few miles in the saddle. “No question, Yamaha designed…
2014 Honda Forza Scooter First Ride
" Mid-size scooters have always had me scratching my head and wondering, “Why?” I think of scooters as convenient two-wheeled rides for quick jumps to the local market or down to the beach. They absolutely have their place in congested downtown urban environs, but why wouldn’t you go for a small…
smart Teams with Vectrix on E-Scooter
…we can expect from smart and Vectrix come 2014. Daimler subsidiary, smart, has teamed with Vectrix in its push to produce a mass market electric scooter by 2014. Just before summer 2012, Daimler announced its plans to produce an escooter for 2014, and the partnership with Vectrix marks a step forward…
2014 Kymco MyRoad 700i First Ride
Kymco is importing its top-of-the-line MyRoad 700i scooter into the U.S. for ’14. Watch the 2014 Kymco MyRoad 700i First Ride Video for our riding impression. Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes and those that seek a full-sized riding experience without the extra effort of a manual-style clutch…
Go Back to the Dorms with Piaggio
…by October 15, 2008. Piaggio Fly: A Back to Campus Essential A Piaggio Fly scooter isn't just easy on strained student wallets, it is exceptionally easy to ride and own, even for two-wheel novices. Like all Piaggio scooters, the Fly's simple 'twist and go' automatic throttle ensures that most anyone…
2010 Yamaha Zuma 125 First Ride
…Zuma 125 scooter isn't being bought by youths. The average age of Zuma 125 owners is a Methuselah-ish 48. In fact, 49 percent of Zuma 125 buyers are over 50, while only 11 percent are under 30. ""You would imagine the kids that grew up on dirt bikes would naturally transition to scooters as they reach…
Motorcycle vs. Scooter Comparison
Which is better, scooter or motorcycle? Riders may have to reconsider which tool is right for the job. “Four thousand dollars! For a scooter ? Why not just buy a motorcycle?” That was the reaction a lot of folks might have when told the price tag of a premium, European-built scooter like a Vespa or…
2010 Honda SH150i Scooter Review
…mirrors deliver a decent buzz-free picture of what's happening behind you, plus the scooter tracks straight without a hint of instability. Uphill the SH manages to muster a minimum of 60 mph. And unlike other mid-sized scooters we've tested, it actually accelerates as you climb up. At speed wind buffeting…
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