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Sales Statistics

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2012 US Motorcycle Sales Tally 452,386
…not include sales data from outside its membership ranks, like imports from the numerous Chinese powersports brands. The MIC reckons its initial sales total represents “more than 75% of total U.S. sales.” In its statistical annual released later in the year, the MIC revises its sales figures to incorporate…
MIC Leak Says Harley US Sales up 25.5%
…Motorcycle Industry Council. In the SEC filing, Harley-Davidson mentioned the Motorcycle Industry Council had just released quarterly retail sales statistics to its members which are “subject to terms of applicable restricted-use agreements.” “The company learned that one of the members of the…
Chinese Motorcycle Clones on Export Market
…trends from China. An Englishman covering the Asian market for almost a decade, McMullan notes the first half of 2012 show a decline in production and sales, which are at a six-year low. – MCUSA Ed Mr. Liu Chengguo, chief of Loncin's Intellectual Property Rights Department (IPR) is shocked, stunned and…
Analysis of 2012 Chinese Motorcycle Industry
…difficulty'. The market was dismal, sales were falling, and motorcycle output and sales were slumping; motorcycle sales in some areas of China experienced declines of up to 50% year on year, setting an historic low. According to CAAM statistics, the output and sales of the Chinese motorcycle industry…
2012 Women's Street Bike Shootout
…the 2009 Shriver Report as described on, women in the U.S. are running more than 10 million businesses with combined annual sales of $1.1 trillion, and are responsible for making 80% of consumer buying decisions. On the up side, we know that more women are actually riding motorcycles…
MIC Survey: Motorcycling Goes Mainstream
…dropping as new styles and designs attract younger customers. Each year for the past six years, sales of new motorcycles and scooters topped one million units. That's a record run for seven-figure sales numbers. Sport Bikes Rule With Gen Y. Half of boomer motorcyclists surveyed ride traditional cruisers…
Motorcycle Sales Down 15.8% in 2010
…monthly sales data from participating manufacturers, including the Big Four, American OEMs Harley-Davidson and Victory , as well as the European marques BMW, Ducati, KTM and Triumph and Canadian marque Can-Am. Final sales totals rise when the MIC releases its Statistical Annual, which includes sales estimates…
Euro Gossip May 2009
….47% drop for motorcycles and mopeds sales, and a 56.60% drop for ATVs and quads. Given these dramatic decreases, as you might expect the trade has called on the government to bring in measures and incentive policies to support the trade to help revive the sale of mopeds and motorcycles in Spain. Classic…
Motorcycle Sales Down 40.8% Says MIC
…total year sales, which accounts for non-reporting manufacturers. Last year that estimate was 1,087,000. Mid-year, the MIC releases a final sales total in its Statistical Annual, which for 2008 was 1.1 million. If the 41% decline holds with the non-reporting manufacturers, total motorcycle sales for 2009…
2011 Q2 Motorcycle Sales Flatten
…The MIC sales data is culled from participating manufacturers, including the four Japanese brands, North America’s Harley-Davidson , Victory and Can-Am, as well as the major Euro marques BMW, Ducati, KTM and Triumph . Final sales figures are later totaled in the year-end MIC Statistical Annual, which…
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