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Sales Data

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2014 Motorcycle Sales Up 2.4% Through Q3
…are not wholly indicative of the 4-wheeled off-road market, as they exclude UTV/Side-by-Side sales, a segment which has reportedly eclipsed ATV sales in recent years. MIC sales data is tabulated by the sales reported by its member brands: Can-Am, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, the Piaggio…
Motorcycle Sales Up 3.8% for 2014
sales total of 229,552 units is virtually unchanged for the year, up 0.5% (1247 units) from 2013. However, the MIC’s ATV totals are only a partial representation of the 4-wheeled off-road market, as they exclude the popular UTV/Side-by-Side categories. MIC sales data is compiled by the reported sales
2014 Q1 Motorcycle Sales Stagnate YOY
" Data released by the Motorcycle Industry Council reports year-over-year motorcycle sales through the first quarter of 2014 are virtually unchanged. The MIC totals 94,534 new motorcycle units sold in Q1, down -0.2% (-118 units) from last year’s tally. The On-Highway and Dual segments registered nominal…
2012 US Motorcycle Sales Tally 452,386
…of 1.4%. The sales trend of ATV units is similar to that of dirt bikes, appearing to have finally stabilized after marked decline in 2011 (also at 13.5%). The MIC does not track sales of popular UTV and side-by-sides, which were projected to eclipse ATV sales in 2012. The MIC sales data is compiled by…
Honda Makes 18 Million Motorcycles in 2010
sales data for the past calendar year, with record-breaking numbers in many categories. Fueling the numbers were increases in the high-volume Asian market. Honda’s North American sales, which include the U.S., Canada and Mexico, decreased from 210,000 to 192,000, a decline of 8.6%. Honda sales in…
2014 Q2 Pushes Motorcycle Sales Up 2.6%
Year-over-year motorcycle sales are up 2.6% through the first six months of 2014. The second quarter sales data, reported by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) lists 263,833 units sold from January to July – up 6773 units. Recovering from stagnant Q1 sales totals, every motorcycle segment in the…
2010 Q3 Motorcycle Sales Down 18.3%
Sales data from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) shows a continued 18.3% drop in annual sales for 2010. The quarterly sales data claims 555,440 total units sold year to date, compared to 679,806 units from the same time last year. The 18.3% decline is identical to the overall totals in the January…
Motorcycle Sales Down First Quarter 2010
…quarter motorcycle sales data from the Motorcycle Industry Council shows a 22.7% drop compared to 2009. The estimated sales figures, compiled by the MIC from participating manufacturers, show adrop across all segments for the first three months of 2010. Total motorcycles sales through March 2010 are…
2013 Motorcycle Sales Thru Q2 Down 5.2%
Year-over-year motorcycle sales are down 5.2% through the first six months of 2013. The sales data, reported by the Motorcycle Industry Council, shows an overall decline year to date, but Q2 isolated shows gains in key riding segments. On-Highway motorcycle sales, the largest MIC segment and including…
Motorcycle Sales Down 40.8% Says MIC
sales since 2008. The MIC figures a total of 520,502 motorcycle sales for 2009, compared with 879,910 in 2008. ATV sales for the same period dropped 29.3%, from 454,098 to 321,181. The latest MIC data confirms claims of a 40% drop in 2009 sales, the lowest sales totals of the decade. MIC tabulates sales
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