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2014 Q2 Pushes Motorcycle Sales Up 2.6%
Year-over-year motorcycle sales are up 2.6% through the first six months of 2014. The second quarter sales data, reported by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) lists 263,833 units sold from January to July – up 6773 units. Recovering from stagnant Q1 sales totals, every motorcycle segment in the…
2014 Q1 Motorcycle Sales Stagnate YOY
" Data released by the Motorcycle Industry Council reports year-over-year motorcycle sales through the first quarter of 2014 are virtually unchanged. The MIC totals 94,534 new motorcycle units sold in Q1, down -0.2% (-118 units) from last year’s tally. The On-Highway and Dual segments registered nominal…
2012 US Motorcycle Sales Tally 452,386
…of 1.4%. The sales trend of ATV units is similar to that of dirt bikes, appearing to have finally stabilized after marked decline in 2011 (also at 13.5%). The MIC does not track sales of popular UTV and side-by-sides, which were projected to eclipse ATV sales in 2012. The MIC sales data is compiled by…
Profits Up, Sales Down in Harley Q1 2013 Report
…are down as well, with the lucrative motorcycle parts and accessories division showing a 7.5% decrease in sales at $184.0 million for the quarter. General merchandise, which includes the sale of MotorClothes apparel and accessories, was down 3.3% to $72.1 million compared to the year-ago period. Another…
2013 Supersport Shootout X Street
…Supersport Shootouts, we’ve witnessed the class boom and bust. Annual motorcycle sales in the US market have more than halved since 2008 (from 1,087,000 to 452,000 in 2012). More than half a million annual unit sales are simply gone – evaporated. The post-mortem of the market crash shows the sportbike…
2014 Honda Pioneer First Ride
…Where did that growth come from? Primarily from extraordinary sales successes by Polaris, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kubota and BRP/Can-Am. Honda, the world’s largest purveyor of powersports vehicles, was late to the SxS market and attracted sales of around 4500 units per year since the introduction of its…
Motorcycle Sales Dip 14.7% in 2013 Q1
…represents a 12,482 unit loss. Scooter sales, which traditionally show the most fluctuation year-over-year, continue to be erratic. This year only 4771 scooters were sold in Q1, compared to the 7300 total of last year – a 34.6% drop. The MIC data only reflects scooter sales from MIC members, excluding most…
466 Million Electric PTW Forecast by 2016
…high amount of revenue. Pike data suggests that by 2016 Europe will make up 3.4% of the e-bike marketplace, but provide 12% of the revenue in the global market. North America will sport a similar trend, but at a lower volume, with 2016 predictions of 1.9% global sales and 5.6% global revenue (Pike expecting…
Honda Makes 18 Million Motorcycles in 2010
sales data for the past calendar year, with record-breaking numbers in many categories. Fueling the numbers were increases in the high-volume Asian market. Honda’s North American sales, which include the U.S., Canada and Mexico, decreased from 210,000 to 192,000, a decline of 8.6%. Honda sales in…
BMW Growth Continues Through Q2 2013
…robust strategic alignment, our strong premium brands and our undisputed position as an innovation leader.” U.S. Sales July 2013 Along with Q2 results, BMW has also release sales data for July. BMW sold 1,346 motorcycles in the United States, up 31.1% over the same month in 2012. The new water-cooled…
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