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2004 BMW Rockster vs. Moto Guzzi Ballabio
" Wheelies are accesible with the twist of the throttle on the Rockster. The Rockster's dual 320mm discs and 4-piston calipers on front coupled with the single 276mm disc and twin-piston Brembo caliper in the rear respond immediately to a rider's touch. The combination allows for rapid deceleration…
2004 BMW Rockster vs. Moto Guzzi Ballabio
…horsepower and torque at their peaks, but the Rockster has a power advantage until 6500 rpm. One area in which BMW separated itself from the Guzzi is in the transmission. While both machines recently received updated six-speed gearboxes, the Rockster's performed flawlessly. The Ballabio's transmission…
2004 BMW Rockster vs. Moto Guzzi Ballabio
…initially took the leap into the hooligan-inspired design were rewarded with sales successes. It should have come as no surprise when BMW unveiled the Rockster in Munich in September of 2002, but it was. Starting with the bland but capable R1150R roadster, BMW jazzed it up with wild-for-BMW paintwork, a squinty…
2004 BMW R1150R Rockster Comparison
The 1150R platform is normally mild, but packaged in the Rockster format becomes a canyon carving machine. The newfound snarl of the R1150R is enhanced by a menacing black and orange paint scheme (also available in lime and black) and a pseudo-fairing cluster that houses a pair of offset headlamps and…
2004 BMW Rockster vs. Moto Guzzi Ballabio Conclusion
Don't be surprised if you catch and pass a few pure sportbikes while ripping on your favorite road. At the conclusion of our comparo, the Rockster emerged as the clear-cut winner. BMW packed the refinement and finish of its high-end sport-tourers into a compact, fun-to-ride machine. The end result is…
2004 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Ballabio Comparison
…numbers are quite comparable. The Rockster pumps out 74.1 hp @ 6500 rpm with peak torque coming in at 66.0 lb.-ft. @ 5500 rpm. The Ballabio is equally powerful, cranking out 74.9 horsepower @ 8250, and peak torque of 62.2 @ 5250 rpm. More telling of the Rockster's prowess is the heart of the torque…
2007 GG Quad Quick Ride
…the reason why the Quad's Boxer motor meets emissions regulations. BMW claims 85 horses for this engine, basically the same unit as our 2004 BMW Rockster test bike that produced 74.1 hp at the rear wheel. Our test unit was fitted with an optional performance exhaust system that was nicely louder than…
Euro Gossip February 2006
…150 are planned to be built for this year and details can be found at . The release of BMW's new naked R1200R will replace the R1150R Rockster seen here. The R1200R will also complete the transition from the 1150cc Boxers. BMW have been in the news a lot recently with their move towards more…