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Reverse Trike

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Backroad Ramblings May 2009
…the obstruction in the hopes of discovering a Rebel 250 hidden behind the tiny van-thing. No, the sound was definitely emanating from the car, bike, trike, whatever. A woman climbed out of the driver's side door and to my surprise, the vehicle didn't flinch (I half expected it to tip to one side). ""Fill…
Automatic Transmission Standard on SS Trike
…transmission. The SS Trike is the hottest 3 wheel innovation to enter the increasingly attractive trike market. The SS Trike comes standard with a 2 speed automatic with reverse. It excites onlookers at first glance with its hot, low-slung chassis design and big-wheel punch. The trike is built with a bullet…
Motor Trike Launches Triumph Rocket III Trike
" Motor Trike is launching its latest three-wheeler based on Triumph's Rocket III, combining Motor Trike's Independent Rear Suspension technology with Triumph's monster powerplant. We saw J.D. Vey hustling around on the Rocket III-equipped trike a couple months back at the press launch of the 2014 Triumph…
2010 Can-Am Spyder RT First Look
…motorcycle world two years ago with the introduction of its Spyder Roadster . Not only did it have a different wheel arrangement than the standard trike with its two-front, single-rear arrangement, but its angular, aerodynamic bodywork and Rotax V-Twin engine gave it an aggressive sportbike-like attitude…
California Sidecar Introduces Custom Trike Kit
…independent suspension, trike chassis, main body which includes trunk lid, hinges and remote operated latch and carpet, custom seat, rear fenders, rear taillights, and license plate frame. Custom options consist of matching spoke wheels with tires, Vance and Hines exhaust, electric reverse and shock preloader…
Indian Sales Spur Polaris Growth in Q1
…in the second half of 2014. Those 2014 sales projections also factor in Polaris’ forthcoming Slingshot – a three-wheeled vehicle sporting a reverse Trike configuration and tandem seats. The company confirmed in its conference call that the Slingshot will be included in the company’s motorcycle segment…
2009 Can-Am Spyder SE5 First Ride
…a twist - two wheels in the front, one in the rear. For decades, custom three-wheeled trikes have been available with powerplants ranging anywhere from Harley-Davidson Twins to small block V-8s, but these trikes have always sported a single front wheel with two trailing and a reputation for not being…
2012 Can-Am Spyder Roadsters First Ride
…sensation of riding a snowmobile. At highway speeds, it’s got a bit of the floating sensation of a snowmobile even though it’s stable. With the trike feeling like it’s wiggling around beneath you even in a straight line, motorcycle riders at first will have a tendency to try to oversteer, giving…
Odd, Interesting & Innovative at AIMExpo
…its first trike by January 1991 and since then has been a continuous seller in Europe. There’s even a Rewaco Trike Cup held at Nurburgring where owners can tackle the “Green Hell” with one of these visually striking machines. For 2014 Rewaco is introducing three RF-1 model trikes to the US market…
2012 Harley-Davidsons Head to Dealers
…models to its U.S. and European dealerships. The Motor Company is shipping off 15 models from its 2012 lineup, including the Touring, Sportster and Trike units. Harley-Davidson also states that new models will be announced during the July 20th Dealer Meeting. Stay tuned to Motorcycle USA for upcoming…
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