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Trackdays No Longer for Men Only
…faster pace. It helps me learn more about my bike."" Rachel Wallace rips it up on her shiny new Ninja 250. And while many of the women here bring plenty of race experience to the table, you don't have to be a road racer to enjoy a day at the track. Rachel Wallace commutes on her motorcycle to her job with…
Custom Builder The Desmo Devil
…rest and ponder. Just returning from an 11,000-mile bike trip on a Ducati Monster, Mark's friend Rachel Dwyer came to visit and mentioned that she'd rode without fairings or wind protection. Rachel's comment sparked a grand idea and, as a joke, Mark ran his idea through Photoshop on his computer, adding…
Mammoth GNCC Results 2013
…as the only rider in her class to complete three full laps. AmPro Yamaha’s Becca Sheets nabbed second and was followed by Obermeyer Yamaha’s Rachel Gutish in third. Martinez’s teammate, Maria Forsberg, pulled out of the race in the second lap due to a mechanical issue, allowing Martinez to move…
EnduroCross Las Vegas 1 Results 2013
…made it back to fourth before just before the checkers. KTM’s Shelby Turner ended the night in first, followed by Chantelle Bykerk in second and Rachel Gutish in third. Men’s EnduroCross Las Vegas 1 Results 2013: 1. Mike Brown (KTM) 2. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) 3. Colton Haaker (Honda) 4. Cody Webb…
2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Comparison
…its pliant and forgiving gearbox. The Ninja's 29.3-inch seat and comfortable riding ergonomics won over all of our female test riders, including Rachel Wallace, wife of MCUSA Technical Wizard Joe Wallace, (above) who said, ""The Ninja was the most compatible with my riding style and the ergonomics…
ISDE Germany Day 2 Results 2012
…(Husaberg) 1:27:52.60 7. Audrey Rossat, France (KTM) 1:28:37.69 8. Amanda Mastin, USA (KTM) 1:29:22.28 9. Sanna Bergman, Sweden (KTM) 1:29:46.25 10. Rachel Gutish, USA (KTM) 1:30:51.21 Video highlight from the 2012 International Six Days Enduro from Germany. The ISDE Video Highlights are brought to you…
X Games 18 Women's Moto X Enduro X Results
…Chantelle Bykerk (68), Rachel Gutish (201) and Nicole Madsen (174) getting caught in the Enduro X wood pit. X Games 18 Moto X Women's Enduro X Results: 1. Maria Forsberg (Gold) 2. Louise Forsley (Silver) 3. Chantelle Bykerk (Bronze) 4. Lexi Pechout 5. Kacy Martinez 6. Rachel Gutish 7. Tarah Gieger 8…
X Games LA 2012 Enduro X Invited Riders
…finishing riders that were not already qualified Lexi Pechout CAN Nicole Madsen USA • Top two in point standings that were not already qualified Rachel Gutish USA Nicole Bradford USA “The opportunity to compete in the X Games provided extra incentive for riders to push themselves for a top finish…
NHHA Final Round this Weekend
…untouchable after Round 9 in the 40+ and 50+ classes. Finally, with everything to lose, the battle for the remaining championships will be heated as Rachel Bosemer leads the charge telling the boys of the ATV C class that they ain't got nothing on her. Brett Landfield hopes to do the same with only seven…
AMA Lauds ISDE Performance by U.S. Team
…World Trophy Team division were France, Australia and Italy. Mandi Mastin was the only U.S. women's rider to finish this year's ISDE. Her teammates Rachel Gutish and Sarah Whitmore both retired on day four when an overnight rain made long uphill sections of the course nearly impassable. Gutish and Whitmore…
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