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Quarter Mile Times R6

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2013 Yamaha YZF-R6 Street Comparison
…entire class. Or maybe an unfair example, as the R6 can’t catch a break in our performance data. It rates behind the Honda and Ducati by a scant 0.01 in 0-60 acceleration tests, ahead of only the MV Agusta. It does fare better in the quarter-mile times, besting the MV again as well as the Ducati and…
2011 Yamaha FZ8 First Ride
…taste of the new Fazer on a 100-mile run in California’s Santa Monica Mountains, discovering a fun-to-ride and versatile new middleweight. The FZ8 expands what Yamaha dubs its Total Sportbike line, a designation applying to the high-performance Supersport R1 and R6, as well as the Sport-Touring FJR1300…
Quarter Mile Times
…down the quarter mile (below). At the drag strip there are multiple times gathered in the quarter-mile. The delay in a rider's response to the green light is dubbed the reaction time. (There always is a built-in fractionally small delay or else the rider is given a red-light.) A 60-foot time is also registered…
2006 Supersport Shootout IV Street Specs.
quarter-mile mark, as it had one of the lower trap speeds and was only the fourth quickest to 140 mph. Perhaps its ram-air induction isn't as efficient as the others. One final note: The Gixxer is a better sprinter than our results demonstrate. As usual, we gave each bike four runs to post its best time,…
2005 Supersport Shootout Street Specs.
…Strip Show Legalities notwithstanding, we know that drag racing takes place not only on the track but also on the street, so we've included quarter-mile times in this street comparison. Unlike all you scofflaws, we conducted our acceleration testing in the controlled environment of the world-class strip…
2009 Yamaha YZF-R6 Comparison
" Yamaha YZF-R6 MSRP: $10,090 Horsepower: 100.00 hp @ 14,100 rpm Torque: 40.77 lbs.-ft @ 10,850rpm Weight: 409.1 lbs w/fuel, 383.8 lbs w/o fuel Superpole Time: 1:20.34 (Atlas) ¼ Mile: 11.25 @ 134.11 mph Top Speed: 164.49 mph Overall Ranking: 4th-place Razor-sharp. Knife-edged. Precise. All words commonly…
2007 Yamaha YZF-R6 Comparison
…,000 rpm. The torque graph is proof positive that the R6 suffers from a top-end biased powerplant. But don't be mislead into thinking it doesn't get with the program because, as the quarter-mile times on the previous page show, it hauls ass. ""The R6 lacks bottom-end but is awesome up top,"" says Hutch…
2008 Yamaha YZF-R6 Comparison
…and unforgiving ergos. The R6 is a bike which Pacific Track Time owner Michael Earnest would choose to go show those pesky A-group riders the fast way around Thunderhill. The R6 didn't fare well in the objective street metrics, as it posts the second-slowest quarter-mile run at 11.10, but its 127 mph…
2011 Yamaha YZF-R6 Street Comparison
…took to sink the R6 in Drivetrain rankings. Riders deemed the Yamaha slipper clutch quite effective, however, finding it a real bonus on the street. Performance testing exposes the slim margins of difference in this competitive class. The Yamaha ran an impressive 10.9 quarter-mile, but bested only the…
2013 Honda CBR600RR Street Comparison
…issue on the track than a street. That said, the CBR holds its own during acceleration tests. A 3.74-second 0-60 isn’t notable, but the 11.12 quarter-mile bests all save the true cheater in this shootout, the GSX-R750. Honda’s engine benefits from the improved mid-range, no question, but doesn’t…
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