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Ninja 300

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2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 First Ride
Ninja 250R , our riding group of jaded motojournalists having an absolute blast on the entry-level mount. This time around I’m flogging the 250’s replacement, the Ninja 300, and the ride is smoother, engine stronger and my stupid grin just as wide. Watch MotoUSA take the all-new Kawasaki Ninja 300
2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Comparison
Ninja siblings. The green/black special edition livery didn’t really click with our testing crew, which preferred the red/white/blue lines of the CBR – but we’ll defer the styling debate as a matter of personal taste. The 300 does look more like a big-boy/girl bike than previous entry-level Ninjas,…
American Honda Debuts 2015 CBR300R
…the CBR’s obvious rival, Kawasaki’s Ninja 300, which upped displacement 47cc from its Ninja 250 spec by stroking out its Parallel Twin. Further changes to the CBR300R compared to its 250 sibling are revised styling to better ape its bigger CBR kin. The 300 exhaust is different and the bike utilizes…
2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs Honda CBR500R
Ninja 300 and 650. Parse out the actual displacement and the Honda almost literally splits the difference, with its 471cc Twin 175 cc more than the Ninja 300 and 178 less than the 650. The CBR500R engine lines up right between the two Ninjas, notable for its flat torque curve and linear power. The Ninja
Kawasaki Issues Recall for 2013 Ninja 300 ABS
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a recall notice for certain 2013 model year Kawasaki EX300BDFAL (Ninja 300 ABS) motorcycles due to a potential issue with the Anti-Lock Brake System. According to a report submitted to the NHTSA by Kawasaki Motors Corp, U.S.A., “during…
Learning to Ride - Choosing a Motorcycle
…motorcycle reviews section to see what a mount is capable of and what, if any, quirks it has. Some like the 2013 Honda CB500F and 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 First Rides give a full account of newer motorcycles that are being specifically marketed to new riders. Learning some cursory aspects of the mechanics…
Entry-level Yamaha R25 Concept First Look
…Four will have 250-300cc sportbikes. Kawasaki’s Ninja 300 debuted in 2013, the Parallel Twin-powered model replacing the Ninja 250 that dominated the segment unchallenged for years in the US. Honda’s single-cylinder CBR250R took on the little Ninja in 2010, and Big Red will presumably bring its stroked…
Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs. Honda CBR250R
…CBR250R battle it out against the all-new Ninja 300 in the 2013 Honda CBR250R Comparison video . Last decade the entry-level sportbike class in the United States was a one-bike show. Novice riders could have any bike they wanted, as long as it was Kawasaki’s Ninja 250 . Now as manufacturers clamor for…
2013 Zero S Motorcycle Review
…– light weight and narrow bias-plies makes the bike easy and fun to pilot, and I was again surprised about the grip these tires (the same as the Ninja 300's) offer. The 2013 Zero S has enough power to smoke the tires, with 54 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque. Still, it's not an electric GSX-R, but…
2013 Honda CBR500R vs Ninja 300 & 650
…dropping the GS500F six years ago and Kawasaki’s Ninja 500 supplanted by the Ninja 650. That leaves us with our current comparison – the Honda CBR500R squaring off against a pair of Ninjas. The CBR conveniently splits the difference of the 300 and 650 on the spec sheet in terms of displacement,…
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