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Whats Dr Frazier Up to Now
…rent a 125cc Minsk for $12.00 a day and was able to roam freely throughout the country, twice. I may do it again this winter. For my time and money I felt it stupid to pay government officials and guides thousands of dollars just to say I rode my own motorcycle in Vietnam. Besides, the Minsk was fun, and…
Dr. Frazier AT Motorcycles - Size Matters
…schmoozer and fixer while spying on me. Added to that was $5,000-7,000 to fly the BMW in and out. My exercised option was one of renting a local 125cc Minsk in Hanoi for $5 per day, plus $1 per day for the rental of saddlebags, which left enough money in my wallet to have a wild adventure. In fact, there…
Dr. Frazier Vietnam Adventure Riding
…day Chinese knock-off copy of a Japanese motorcycle. My solution to the problem was a simple one: ride what the locals ride, a 125cc displacement Minsk, and on a second trip to Vietnam a 110cc Chinese copy of a Honda. The daily rentals were between $5 and $10 and I was able to easily keep up with the…
Dr. Frazier Adventure Road Through Laos
…125cc Minsk motorcycle to make a day ride into the same mountains. They were lost and had parked on the side of the road to try to figure out where they were, although they had no map. I helped them determine they had missed their turn half an hour back down the mountain. Having used several Minsk's before…
Dr. Frazier: Ho Chi Minh Jungle Expedition
…that of using a “big displacement” motorcycle versus the two earlier motorcycles I had used in the 125cc 2-stroke class, single-cylinder Russian Minsks. What Greenhalgh was suggesting was a 650cc Ural, Russian copies of early 1940’s BMW s that had been left in Vietnam after the war. A number of these…
Dr. Frazier's Frankenstein Minsk Adventure
…I answered. I first saw a Frankenstein Minsk in Hanoi four years earlier when on a motorcycle expedition using 650cc Urals , the motorcycles having been abandoned in Vietnam after the Russians pulled out. The Urals were old and clunky, while the 125cc Minsks, with their guts ripped out and replaced…