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Market Share

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Ducati Grows United States Market Share
…developed market leading bikes, dominated international road racing and are very focused on the needs of our growing customer base. All of these factors have greatly contributed to our growing sales and market share success across the U.S."" In 20 of the country's most important metropolitan markets Ducati…
Harley-Davidson 4Q Report - Sales Up in 2013
…and marketable securities totaled $1.17 billion at year-end 2013, compared to $1.20 billion at year-end 2012. In 2013, Harley-Davidson generated $977.1 million of cash from operating activities, compared to $801.5 million in 2012. On a discretionary basis, the Company repurchased 2.7 million shares of…
Indian Sales Spur Polaris Growth in Q1
…, Polaris acknowledges its snowmobiles underperformed compared to the market at a whole, which is up 10% YOY. Polaris still claims second position in North American market share, and sited a 39% decrease in international markets outside blamed on unseasonably warm conditions in Scandinavia and Russia…
Motorcycle Sales Down 40.8% Says MIC
…-132,917 -29% Cruiser News Headlines More Cruiser Motorcycle News Related Articles Top Motorcycle Industry Stories of 2009 Triumph Claims '09 Market Share Increase MIC Seeks Public's Help to Amend CPSC Ban 2009 Motorcycle Sales Plummet 1st Quarter
2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Review
Sturgis is all about running in to old friends. Buffalo Chip 'Mayor of Fun' Bean're shares a laugh with his buddy, Betsy Huelskamp. The storm ushered in the evening, purple clouds blotting out the sky just over the hill. Boughs bent in the gusts and rattled the leaves in the trees. Pulling into the…
Honda Releases 2009 Global Sales Stats
…-largest motorcycle market, posted 6% gains. Total 2009 Asia/Oceania sales topped 11,702,000, up 648,000 from 2008 totals. The 2009 sales growth in Asia/Oceania more than tripling the total 2009 sales in North America, and bolstering Honda's unit sales overall. Other key markets include a 4% drop in…
Honda's Nicest People & Mad Men
…hit show, Mad Men , featured Honda in its latest episode ""The Chrysanthemum and the Sword"". In the early '60s Honda was looking to improve its market share in the U.S. Selling 40,000 motorcycles a year, American Honda's General Manager Kihachiro Kawashima set a far more ambitious goal of 200,000 annual…
The Return of Indian Motorcycles
…competitive environment you mentioned (the American-made heavyweight cruiser market) there is clearly an opportunity for another American brand apart from Harley-Davidson. We would be delighted to have a very, very tiny share of what Harley has and we can create a very distinguished business. We're not…
2004 Daytona Bike Week
…salient point: ""When we look at market share as a whole, Harley is the dominant player and they're usually running about 24% market share. That leaves 76% for all others, and that's metric in general and that's who we cater to."" ""In many respects, the metric market is wide open,"" explains Tom Fortune…
Honda Makes 18 Million Motorcycles in 2010
…Indonesia, as well as India, the second-largest motorcycle market on earth. At the end of 2010 Honda reshaped its strategic presence in India when it confirmed a split with its joint venture Hero Honda . The Japanese firm will divest its 26% share in the JV, which since its creation in 1984 has blossomed…
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