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Low Maintenance

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Norton Commando 961 First Ride
…early days of their ownership. By contrast, what is an utter delight is the bike's nimble feeling. It is wafer thin and because the engine is mounted low, the 961 feels much lighter than its 400-plus pounds. The bike can be trickled around, feet up, at almost zero miles an hour and builds on the pleasure…
Dr. Frazier's Globe Killer KLR650 Part 4
…-Trails during the 20,000 mile check-up and maintenance session of the result of not attending to the air cleaner versus loss of performance and low gas mileage. Cleaning the re-usable air cleaner every 3000 miles has become part of the routine maintenance. Spark Plug: The spark plug gap looked fine…
2005 Suzuki Boulevard First Ride
…the low- and mid-range torque curve. The dual-pin crankshaft smoothes out the vibes while silent-operation cam chains with automatic tensioners reduce noise and maintenance requirements. The smooth shifting 5-speed with hydraulic clutch transmits the power to the pavement via a low-maintenance shaft…
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look Preview
…and four-valve cylinder heads each operated by its own camshaft and fuel-injection. A 6-speed transmission puts the power to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free belt final drive. The Victory Cross Country is an all-new full fairing touring option for 2010. Price tagis $17,999. Each bike's chassis is…
2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650 First Ride
…Suzukis with the pearlescent white of our test bike being particularly pleasing. I doubt whether Suzuki has reformed in terms of their consistently low standards of corrosion protection, so you will still have to hose the bike down regularly, but at least there will be the incentive to do so. The '12…
2004 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1600
…each injector help to atomize the fuel more efficiently. Dual spark plugs cut detonation for added durability. By using rubber engine mounts, no-maintenance hydraulic valve lash adjusters, and a gear-driven engine balancer, the single-pin crankshaft engine runs smoothly without annoying vibrations, yet…
2009 Star V Star Cruisers First Look
…suit-and-tie set who want to pick up something on the cheap that they can have fun on that's not a scooter. The little cruisers require little maintenance, would be a great commuter, and take up half a parking space. V Star 1100 Silverado (Classic & Custom) The 2009 V Star 1100 Custom is lower and lighter…
2010 Honda Fury First Ride
…larger rear wheel next to impossible. We asked the boys in red the same question and their response: ""The shaft drive is in place because it's maintenance free, makes for much cleaner rear-end styling and givesthe Furysome Honda-type technology."" It does work quite well, with zero driveline lash and…
2010 Honda CBR1000RR Long Term Wrap Up
…parked it in or outside and even in the rain it always fired right up every morning and everything from the clutch and brakes feel tight. Maintenance costs were low with the only cost incurred being an oil and filter change at 600 miles per manual recommendations. We also rarely had to adjust the drive…
2010 Honda NT700V First Ride
…-looking chrome exhaust terminating on the right-hand side of the machine. Engine power is transferred to the rear wheel via a 5-speed gearbox and a low maintenance shaft final drive. The powertrain is further augmented by a conventional cable-actuated clutch. Punch the throttle and the engine responds by chugging…
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