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Kiwi Indian

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Review The World's Fastest Indian
…Eventually, the crusty old Kiwi gets a shot at his record in front of an encouraging butdisbelieving crowd. The film is hurt only slightly by claiming Munro broke the 200-mph barrier even though the fastest two-way run he ever officially achieved was 183.586 mph, a speed record for Indian-powered motorcycles…
2012 Sturgis AMD World Championship Results
…Concepts 10. Hoosier Daddy Choppers Production Manufacturer Class 1. Darwin Motorcycles 2. Rods & Rides Motorcycle Co. 3. “Kiwi” Mike Tomas Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Co. Performance Custom Class 1. AFT Customs 2. Steve “Brewdude” Gam Brew Bikes 3. Curt Winter BTR Moto Modified Harley Class 1. Abnormal…
Custom Builder Guilty Customs
…, the name of Guilty's first Indian bobber, uses an 84-cubic-inch, 42-degree V-Twin, a proprietary motor from the Kiwi Motorcycle Company. Guilty's ""Indian"" model line is another example. Not only Indian-themed, this bobber uses an upgraded 1950s-era flat-head Indian V-Twin. The 84-cubic-inch, 42…
Dr. Frazier: Global ADV Motorcyclists Gather
…and later found it to be a fishing pole and reel. One motorcycle that stood out as unique, to some, was the black 1940 Indian Chief ridden to the meeting by Mike Tomas of Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company ( ). As several of us stood around admiring it, someone noted that the key had been…
Tribute Custom Bikes for Rolling Thunder
…Bourget of Bourget's Bike Works, tribute to U. S. Marine Corps; Dar Holdsworth of Darwin Motorcycles, tribute to U.S. Navy; Mike “Kiwi” Tomas of Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company, tribute to U.S. Coast Guard; and Billy Lane of Chopper's Inc., courtesy of Avon (Fla.) Correctional Institution, tribute to U…
2012 Cincinnati V-Twin Expo Report
…-Twin Expo with a stop by Kiwi Mike’s booth. Kiwi Mike has established himself as the authority on Indian Motorcycles. In fact, if I owned the company, I’d seek out his services because nobody builds them with the same character and flair as the company intended like Kiwi Mike. He was recently chosen…
2006 Bonneville Speed Trials Recap
…got his hands on it, with his runs at Bonneville being his first-ever behind the Kiwi's controls. I could tell the Bonneville salt had gotten to Anderson when I saw him later in the week after multiple passes on the Kiwi. With his maiden sprints on the sidecar machine, Anderson had almost broached the…
2010 Cincinnati V-Twin Expo Report
…story surrounding the Expo comes from Mike 'Kiwi' Thomas who found a 1930 101 Indian Scout in New Mexico on his way to Cincy. Thomas and his Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company make the next best thing to an original Indian, so it's cool that one of the good guys in the biz who will restore the motorcycle…
MotorcycleUSA's Best of 2006
…amateur New Zealand racer Burt Munro, whom Hopkins portrays with his characteristic excellence, the film follows the aging Kiwi's fulfillment of a lifelong dream by racing his Indian motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Bonneville has been attracting speed junkies and colorful characters for almost…
Salt Addiction Richard Assen
…14 hours of colly wobbles to compete at, as Burt Munro so eloquently stated in The World's Fastest Indian, ""The place where big things happen. This place is holy ground"" Mike Akatiff invited the Kiwi squad to work out of his California-based workshop, Ack Technologies in San Jose, California. Richard…
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