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Indian Review

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2014 Indian Chief Vintage Comparison
We hitch a ride on Indian's traditional styled cruiser and talk about how it stacks up to its Harley competitor in our 2014 Indian Chief Vintage Comparison video. Speculation ran rampant as to what direction Polaris would take the Indian Motorcycle Company. Would Polaris carry on tradition, or take…
2014 Indian Chieftain First Ride
…plateau. This figure exceeds company expectations as Indian initially was shooting to get power numbers in the 115 lb-ft range. During Indian’s technical presentation on the bike, they said the Chieftain’s styling cues were drawn from Indians from the 1950s, bold bikes with distinctive lines. But…
2010 Indian Chief Roadmaster First Ride
…there, and Indians will always hold a special place in American motorcycling lore. Judging by the new Indians, the company is seeking to have a place in the next chapters of motorcycle history as well. 2010 Chief Roadmaster Photo Gallery Recent Cruiser Reviews More Cruiser Reviews Indian Motorcycle Dealer…
2015 Indian Scout First Ride
Come along for the ride as we take a spin on the 2015 Indian Scout around the Black Hills of South Dakota. Hear our first impressions of Indian's new middleweight cruiser in our 2015 Indian Scout First Ride video . It shattered records on Bonneville’s Salt Flats, rumbled to victory on the white sands…
Crazy Horse Ride on an Indian Motorcycle
Indians. This knowledge was imparted upon a small group assembled on a grey, drizzly morning in downtown Sturgis by a Lakota elder named Larry Salway. He shared with us the story of Crazy Horse as we congregated under the tent of the Indian Motorcycles display at the corner of 5th and Lazelle St. Indian
Indian Larry Chopper Shaman Review
…meet Indian Larry, thanks to Nichols' work I feel like I know the man. ""Indian Larry Chopper Shaman"" by Dave Nichols - MSRP $19.99 * Photography in this article by Michael Lichter, contributed by Motorbooks Latest Cruiser Motorcycle News More Cruiser Motorcycle News Recent Cruiser Product Reviews More…
2015 Indian Roadmaster Review
…competitive thanks to the release of the 2015 Indian Roadmaster. 2015 Indian Roadmaster Review 2015 Indian Roadmaster Photo Gallery Cruiser News Headlines More Cruiser Motorcycle News Recent Cruiser Reviews More Cruiser Reviews Cruiser Dealer Locator Gear Bag 2015 Indian Roadmaster * Bell Star Carbon Helmet *…
2015 Indian Roadmaster Passenger Review
…our guilt. So this time we wanted to provide a review of the 2015 Indian Roadmaster exclusively from the vantage point of the passenger. After all, this bike is built for two-up touring. Just look at that luxurious seat and backrest. For this review, I enlisted the services of my wife, Angie, who’s…
Review The World's Fastest Indian
" Written, produced and directed by Roger Donaldson, The World's Fastest Indian is an amazing movie that shows us that perserverance and determination can overcome huge odds. The fact that it's centered around a motorcycle is simply a bonus. ""All my life I've wanted to do something big."" - Burt Munro…
2014 Sturgis Rally Review
Indian Tracker ” for more.) We spent the next day rumbling around the Black Hills on the new Scout. Light, quick, and revvy, the new Indian is a blast to ride. Its 1133cc liquid-cooled Twin quickly won us over. (Read about our time in its saddle in our "" 2015 Indian Scout First Ride "" review.)…
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