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Honda St1300 Review

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2008 Honda ST1300 Comparison
…challenging roadway even more formidable, but our mounts were ready for anything, including the elder statesman of the five, Honda's ST1300. Making its debut back in 2002, the Honda ST1300 has the longest tusks in our S-T test. A refinement of the decade-long run of its ST1100 predecessor, the 1300 embodies…
2004 Honda ST1300 Comparison
…other traffic, the FJR1300 Carolyn and I were now riding was in its element. Recent Touring Motorcycle Reviews OtherTouring MotorcycleReviews Dealer Locator Technical Specifications 2004 Honda ST1300 Horsepower: 111 hp @ 6,800 rpm Torque: 82.8lb-ft @ 5000 rpm Engine: 90-degree V-4 Displacement: 1261cc…
2002 Honda ST1300
…ride two consecutive 12-hour days over all sorts of roads, there's no bike I've tested that I'd choose ahead of the ST1300. 2002 Honda ST1300 Gallery Recent Touring Motorcycle Reviews OtherHonda Street BikeReviews Dealer Locator Highs & Lows Highs Makes the duration of your trip irrelevant. Oil-tanker…
2004 Sport Touring Shootout
…sport-tourers offered by the Japanese manufacturers for a Pacific Rim sport-touring face-off. We've previously enjoyed seat time on the cushy Honda ST1300 and we've given you two chances to read about Yamaha's 2003 FJR1300 , and a quick ride with Jeff Buchanan on the 2004 ABS-equipped model. Check…
2008 Super Sport-Touring Comparo
…And if the much-hyped C14 was getting an opportunity to re-order the S-T food chain, it seemed only fair to give the granddaddy of them all, the Honda ST1300, a chance to prove its mettle. The horsepower dyno chart shows the Kawasaki dominance, with the new C14 besting its nearest rival by 10 ponies at…
2013 Yamaha FJR1300A First Ride
…five-speed transmission, no sixth gear overdrive. It’s not really missed, but a curious trait we recall from other bikes in the class (like the Honda ST1300). The transmission does feature some changes, however, with a new machining method for the gears. While we don’t recall any dramatic changes,…
2014 Honda Valkyrie First Ride
…easily viewable in direct sun. The ride on the latest interpretation of the Valkyrie is filled with typical Honda goodness, traits so familiar you almost take them for granted. From the ST1300 to the CB1000R to the Gold Wing we’ve ridden, a smooth shifting transmission and strong stopping power are…
2008 Honda VFR Interceptor First Ride
…this article in the MCUSA Forum. Click Here 2008 Honda VFR Interceptor Photos Recent Sportbike Motorcycle Reviews OtherHonda MotorcycleReviews Honda Motorcycle Dealer Locator Related Honda InterceptorArticles 2004 Honda Interceptor 2002 Honda ST1300 Honda Interceptor 800 Parts
2004 Sport Touring Shootout Conclusion
…resale value. Share your thoughts on the '04 Sport-Touring Shootout in the MCUSA Forum. Click Here Recent Touring Motorcycle Reviews Related Articles Yamaha FJR1300 Test Honda ST1300 Test
2004 Honda Interceptor
…'04 Honda Interceptor in the MCUSA Forum. Click Here Recent Touring Motorcycle Reviews OtherHonda Street BikeReviews Honda Motorcycle Dealer Locator Highs & Lows Highs Perfectly capable Delicious intake groan No rough edges Lows No rough edges On the pricey side Technical Specifications 2004 Honda Interceptor…
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