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Fz1 Road Test

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2011 Yamaha FZ1 Comparison
Road Sport comparison the most seasoned model. Aside from ECU tweaks, it’s unchanged from the last time we compared it way back in in 2007. Yet, the familiar Yamaha more than holds its own in our Road Sport test. The FZ1 ran against naked standards in past MotoUSA streetfighter comparison tests ,…
2007 Yamaha FZ1 Comparison
…pretty damn well. When the roads get tight and curvy the plush Yamaha comes up a smidge short in the scything department, feeling more akin to a sleek sport-tourer than a quick-turning streetfighter. After our street ride, test riders had plenty of good things to say about the FZ1 in terms of outright comfort…
2011 Road Sport Shootout Conclusion
…,850 MSRP, which rises beyond $18K in its as-tested form. That said, we dig the Beemer’s looks and provided riders have the cash, there’s no doubt the K1300 is a high-performance ride. Yamaha FZ1 (tie) The Yamaha FZ1 is easily the surprise of this test. We expected the oldest design in the comparison…
2011 Road Sport Shootout
…its Road Sport rivals in the 2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA Comparison Video . BMW's K1300S sports the largest engine and fastest performance times, but see if the Bavarian measures up in our 2011 BMW K1300S Comparison Video . The oldest of our testing quintet, how does the FZ1 fare against these Road Sports…
2001 Yamaha FZ1
…is the 1000cc FZ1, a bike that's so barking mad it needs to be kept not in a garage, but in a padded kennel! Glenn Le Santo donned the leather straight jacket to test Yamaha's cure for suburban boredom. I've just returned from another insane afternoon spent aboard the fantastic FZ1. Excuse me if I…
2006 Yamaha FZ1 First Ride
…found myself riding Yamaha's new FZ1 in a pounding rainstorm surrounded by the verdant fields north of San Francisco. Introductory press rides such as this aren't supposed to be sullied by inclement weather, and it was hard to imagine how I was supposed to adequately test a sporting motorcycle without any…
2005 Yamaha MT-01
…to notice the 1,670cc air-cooled V-Twin that powers the MT-01. When Yamaha showed its outrageous MT-01 last year, the MCUSA staff couldn't wait to test one of the Warrior-engined naked bikes. Well, it turned out that we could wait, as Yamaha Motor Corp. USA declined to import it to America, citing a…
2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA Comparison
…VFR, or the sporty feel of the FZ1, the GSX just leaves me uninspired.” Standard ABS delivers a confidence boost bringing the 567-pound (tank full) mount to a quick halt. Not as refined as the Honda system, the ABS is effective and a laudable safety feature in this road-oriented class. Speaking of weight…
2005 4 3 2 Won Shootout
…comfy FZ1 would also have been a strong contender, but the bad-ass Kaw is closer in personality to our three-cylinder representative. If this were a race, the Speed Triple would use its honking midrange to out-accelerate the Z out of the corner, but would eventually get overtaken if the road ahead was…
2004 Yamaha V-Max
…rider to twist the throttle. I've ridden the Max a few times over the last few years, but this was a good time to flog it considering I'd recently tested the 2004 crop of literbikes, the sickest set of tarmac-carving machines to ever grace the racing pavement. I expected it to pale in comparison, but…
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