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Entry Level Cruisers

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2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 First Ride
…looking to get into a cruiser, and most importantly a Harley, on the cheap the Street 750 is a very attractive motorcycle. It looks good for the most part, handles excellent and has a great engine. The Street 750 is a good first Harley-Davidson that will get many entry-level riders on the road and vault…
Learning to Ride - Choosing a Motorcycle
…motorcycle may be the most fun or most frustrating experience you’ll have. There are a host of riding options available, including several new entry-level mounts, and choosing one requires some thought and research. Speaking from experience, much of the time spent on a motorcycle as a new rider is focused…
2010 Star V Star 250 Review
…Check out Star Motorcycles entry-level 250 cruiser in action in the 2010 Star V Star 250 video . Unintimidating may not be the sexiest descriptor ever applied to a motorcycle, yet unintimidating is right up the alley for those just starting out on two wheels. An entry-level motorcycle needs to be easy…
Honda Announces 2014 Cruiser Lineup
…idea that bling ain’t everything. Colors: Black, Grey Metallic; Price: $8240; Availability: December. Rebel The Rebel remains a favorite among entry-level street riders—and for good reason. Its stylish good looks maintain an enduring appeal, it’s comfortable, light in weight and easy to maneuver…
2012 Triumph America Comparison
The Triumph America was a unique entry in the 2012 Women's Cruiser Shootout. Check out the 2012 Triumph America video . The Triumph America arrives for this shootout recently revamped in the 2011 model year. The British marque revised its entry-level cruiser for friendlier ergonomics, moving the handlebars…
2009 V Star 950 First Ride
…-Star 950 as an entry-level ride for the cruiser market. The idea is simple: make it look big and stylish, but handle light and nimble, while still feeling large. Okay, maybe not so simple. Sounds almost contradictory, right? Not when you are in the business of making an entry-level cruiser. You see, everyone…
2010 Honda Shadow Phantom Comparison
…lb-ft @ 4400 rpm (lowest) Underwhelming in raw numbers, for its cruiser application the little 52-degree Twin does get the job done. Quite easy to ride, the seamless fueling and smooth throttle response commend themselves to entry-level power application. While it doesn't accelerate near as fast as its…
Suzuki Offers GZ250 for $1000 Less
…announced today it is reducing the price on its entry-level standard bike, the GZ250, to $2999, lowering its current MSRP by $1000. With this move, Suzuki provides a gateway into motorcycle riding during lean economic times. The GZ250 combines cruiser motorcycle styling cues with a 249cc single-cylinder…
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic In the hotly contested entry-level cruiser market, the trick for manufacturers is to come up with a bike that is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive and entertaining to ride. This means that compromises must be made somewhere, so the company which cuts…
2010 Middleweight Cruiser Shootout
…backroads of Nowheresville, USA. The reality is you don't need to rob the 401K to make a down payment on a respectable cruiser either. The reality is the chasm between tiny 250cc entry-level rides and the monster 1600cc+ crowd holds an entire stable of mid-sized offerings, with somequite respectable. Our…
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