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Dual Sport Tire Review

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Michelin Anakee III Motorcycle Tire Review
…Michelin updates its dual-sport tire with its new Anakee III. A quality set of motorcycle tires is the most tangible performance upgrade you can make to a bike. And for 2013 French tire brand Michelin wants to earn your hard-earned dollars by introducing six new street tires designed to complement…
Motorcycle Tires Product Guide
…of the original tires. Latest Motorcycle News More Motorcycle News Recent Motorcycle Tire Review Articles Motorcycle Tire Reviews Page Motorcycle Tires at Motorcycle Superstore Street Bike Tires If you're looking for street bike tires, sportbike tires or sport touring motorcycle tires, then you're in…
Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire Review
…motor isn’t exactly the type to spin up the rear tire very often. For pure off-road use, with the relatively docile power and excellent wear thus far, we expect to get 3-4 times the lifespan compared to a regular knobby on this bike. Dual-sporting would of course alter the air pressure needs and wear…
2009 Honda XR650L Project Bike Part 2
…performance is a compromise and many of the tires that perform well do not last very long. Like most dual-sport bikes, the stock tires aren't great at much of anything. They were quickly replaced with a set of the venerable Kenda Trackmasters. This DOT tire has a dirt bias, being rated for 80% dirt, 20%…
Riding The Trans-America Trail
…first option for the TAT rider is to go light and fast, and trailer a 250-550cc dual-sport to the start of the TAT in Tennessee, and then run with a support crew, or eliminate camping all together. Most lighter dual-sports cannot run the TAT self-supported. The advantage of a lighter moto is that all…
2012 Kawasaki KLR650 Comparison
…fenders finally sparked our interest. The Dunlop tires help give it a more masculine appeal as well. “The KLRs smooth power, neutral handling and plush, well-balanced suspension make it best for the wide array of terrain encountered in dual sport off-road situations,” says Riant. What the KLR lacks…
2010 KTM 690 Enduro Motorcycle Review
…more towards a life on the road. First a note regarding dirt riding and tires. Tires are everything in offroad performance for a big bike. The stock KTM rubber is the DOT approved Pirelli MT21. This is a really good all around tire. Due to availability, I tested the 690 with a Bridgestone 403/ED78 combo…
2008 Kawasaki KLR650 Comparison
…passion surrounding the sport itself,"" he admits. ""When looking at both the KLR650 and DR650 it's hard not to think of the correlation these two bikes have with the late Ranchero and El Camino. The vehicles were not really cars and not altogether trucks, as are our two dual-sports are not really road bikes…
2010 Husqvarna TE250 Quick Ride
…their underperforming dual sports or legalizing their dirt bikes. Performing the latter is increasingly difficult, which means the TE250 is possibly the perfect solution to the genre's biggest problem. The best thing about the TE250 is what it represents for small-bore dual sport riders - its an extension…
2004 Ducati Multistrada
…Scorpion Sync tires provided good grip from the get-go. Developed by Pirelli for use on the Multistrada in 120/70 and 180/55 17-inch pairs, the Syncs utilize the same carcass as Pirelli's excellent Diablo , but they sport a new rubber compound and unique tread pattern. We'd recommend these tires for other…
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