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2014 Honda CRF125F First Look
Honda has introduced an all-new model to its 2014 off-road lineup in the 2014 CRF125F. Two versions of a new CRF125F will replace the CRF80F and CRF100F in Honda’s entry-level off-road line-up. The new CRF125F and CRF125F Big Wheel follow the trend set in 2013 when Honda replaced its CRF70F with the…
2014 Honda CRF125F First Ride
…Honda’s latest CRF125F. See and hear our thoughts on it in the 2014 Honda CRF125F First Ride Video . Honda’s line of junior-sized dirt bikes has nurtured young riders for decades. And Big Red is poised to carry the newbie torch for years to come with its freshly released Honda CRF125F (starting at…
2014 Honda Grom 125 First Ride
…fuss. Although the transmission doesn’t offer the same precise feel and reassuring engagement of its off-road brother, the CRF125F (read about it in the 2014 Honda CRF125F First Ride ), it too is effective offering an appropriate gear for going up and down hills and cruising the boulevard at 50 mph…
2015 Honda CRF450R & CRF250R First Look
…and styling to better resemble the CRF450R and CRF250R; price isn’t listed yet but they will be available August 2014. Finally, Honda brings the CRF125F and 125F Big Wheel version back to dealerships this year, having introduced the two models in 2014 as replacements for the CRF80F and CRF100F. Again…