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Best Gas Mileage

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Motorcycle Tires Product Guide
…the manufacturer's recommended settings as well, but always check your owner's manual first. Having the proper tire pressure improves handling, gas mileage and keeps you safer in the saddle. Riding on underinflated motorcycle tires is dangerous for several reasons. The tires will build excessive heat…
Motorcycle USA Best of 2008 Awards
…Versys. We enjoyed each and every mile spent on the jack-of-all-trades Kawasaki, not to mention how great gas mileage was, thus we needed to look no further when it came to selecting the best street bike for 2008. Honda knowsa thing or two about building excellent motocross bikes like the CRF450R.The…
2011 Honda CBR1000RR Street Comparison
…the CBR1000RR. Its powertrain is perfectly suited for the street and its chassis is still one of the best on the market today. The bike is comfortable, easy to ride and gets excellent gas mileage, so what’s not to like about it? Even though it doesn’t feature all the electronic bells and whistles…
2004 V-Twin Shootout Specs
…expect, but the Ducati served up the best mileage by getting an average of 36.5 mpg out of the puny 4.1-gallon tank. The Mille Factory was second, logging 34 miles per gallon out of a 4.75-gallon tank, giving it the greatest range of the trio. The RC51 sucked up gas like it was going out of style, averaging…
Dr. Frazier Preps KLX250 Adventure Tourer
…camping gear, extra gas and food to points where there would be none. Additionally it had to be simple; one that a shade tree mechanic like me could repair if a tire deflated, a crash broke a clutch lever or bent a rim. Another factor in the decision of ""Which motorcycle was best for the expedition?…
2009 Suzuki GSXR-1000 Comparison Street
…street it's important to have some range and the GSX-R is one of the most economical of this bunch. Next to the Honda the Suzuki posted the best fuel mileage. We calculated an average of 33.4 mpg. This gives you a range of 153 miles with 4.6-gallons of fuel in the tank. Refraining from the prolonged…
2008 Victory Vision Street and Tour
…been lowered to 3:15:1 while the sixth gear ratio is up slightly to 0.841 from 0.864. Sixth gear is your overdrive gear and aims to facilitate gas mileage and lower emissions by keeping high-speed rpm down. The reworked primary drive has an anti-backlash gear with a ramp compensator. The new torque…
2010 Aprilia RSV4R First Ride
…Inline-Triple and both a 90-degree and 65-degree V-Four. Despite being the most expensive to build, they settled upon the latter, as it provides the best compromise between the high rpm performance of a four-cylinder and slim size of a V-Twin, thereby contributing to ideal racetrack dynamics. The crown…
Dr. Frazier's Globe Killer KLR Part 2
…Vladivostok, Russia. Factor 1 - Wind Protection: KLR650 scored the best Factor 2 – Mileage: Best was the BMW at 55 mpg versus the Kawasaki at 35 mpg. Factor 3 - Seat Comfort: KLR650 scored the best. Factor 4 - Ergonomics: KLR650 was the best, but only slightly. Factor 5 - Flipability, loaded with travel…
Dr Frazier Rides Through Burma
…slower speeds meant less gas consumption in a poor country likely also contributed to the slower pace. The one exception was a new Mercedes that passed me at well over 100 mph bearing diplomatic license plates. I averaged 25 mph the first two days. After that I quit computing mileage or average speed, concerning…
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