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2005 Honda Dream 50R & NSR50R
…a bit taller than the NSR. Add in a double-overhead-cam, HRC-built 50cc screamer that revs to 14,500 rpm and you've got one fun mountain bike! The Dream was built to commemorate Honda's early racing history that began in the 50cc class. The factory RC110 debuted in 1962, and it spawned the commercially…
SYM Symba Scooter Headed to US
…somewhat more modest but SYM, which produces a wide range of scooters worldwide, is building its sales in the US market with scooter rides like the 50cc Mio. The Symba has already created an online stir amongst American scooter enthusiasts yearning for the Super Cub glory days of yore - the Honda model…
Best Buy Under $2000?
…me the scooter is restricted mechanically so it complies with moped laws and other regulations – de-restriction is a time-honored tradition with 50cc scooters, and big-bore kits and other hop-up items can make the Buddy 50 a real urban terror. Handling is similarly snappy (but not scary), assisted…
2006 Kawasaki Z750S Quick Ride
…experienced vets and progressing newbies. In a motorcycling age where a 1400cc, 200-mph production bike can be found on the same showroom floor as a 50cc scooter, wouldn't it be nice if there were an intermediate street machine approachable for progressing newbies yet nasty enough for seasoned vets to…
2008 Suzuki Off-Road First Look
…well. Suzuki also released an all-new playbike which will meld right into the existing mini market. The DR-Z70 (MSRP: $1499) is the same size as a 50cc bike from the likes of Honda or Yamaha, but offers a slightly larger engine displacement. The cool thing is that it will accept many of the aftermarket…
Piaggio HyS Hybrid Scooter First Look
…scooter, Piaggio promises the MP3 and X8 still have enough stowaway room for a helmet (although it doesn't specify full-face helmet). The smaller 50cc Vespa LX will come with a top case for helmet storage. The electric juice transmitted to the rear wheel is sourced when quick acceleration is needed…
New 2009 Polini Minis Announced
2009 Polini XP65R Polini USA has released the new 2009 line up of Italian made 50cc and 65cc mini -motocrossers. Polini Motori didn't rest on its' laurels after winning National Titles this year. They went back into the shop and focused on making these mini rockets faster and better handling than last…
Euro Gossip April 2009
…new MRT 50 series. Available in Enduro or Supermoto form the new models feature the latest chassis design and bang up to date styling to the geared 50cc market. Made near Barcelona, with three color options, they feature Yamaha Minarelli six-speed motors combined with quality components such as KTM radiators…
Euro Gossip June 2007
…, may make its first public appearance at the UK bike show in November '07 and be on sale early next year. Korea Hyosung is branching out from the 50cc scooter market with its 124cc and 250cc MS3 models. The name Hyosung seems to keep cropping up more often when examining the global perspective in respect…
2010 Sachs MadAss 125 First Look
…125, distributed in the US through Pierspeed Scooters (a subsidiary of Cobra Powersports). Americans have already been acquainted with the smaller 50cc MadAss, but this August US riders have begun sampling the extra 75cc offered by the MadAss 125. The Sachs MadAss 125 benefits from an extra 75cc of…
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