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1 4 Mile Times

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Quarter Mile Times
…strip is one of the most popular motorsports in America and quarter-mile times are a popular measure of a motorcycle's performance. Quarter-mile times are a popular performance benchmark for cars and motorcycles. The popularity of quarter-mile performance numbers comes from drag racing , one of the most…
2011 Performance Cruiser Smackdown Conclusion
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2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 First Ride
…and I believe that this is the effect Suzuki intended. Are you sure this thing's a cruiser? It sure doesn't handle like one. Hiking a leg over the motorcycle for the first time I almost felt big at six-feet tall. Sure, the M90 is 2.4-inches shorter in overall length than the M109R, but that wasn't…
2011 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Comparison
…was developed with the help of Porsche and a uniquely styled perimeter frame. One of the most aggressive iterations of the VRSC family to date is the Night Rod Special. Looking like it lives life a quarter-mile at a time, this Harley is long, low and full of attitude. Right from the get-go the whole…
2012 Victory Cross Country First Ride
…highway miles, then test its handling in the wonderful twisting roads of the Ozark Mountains. We’d be living out of saddlebags for the next week, and fortunately the bags on the Cross Country are plenty wide and deep. We crammed a computer bag, an extra pair of shoes, rain gear and cameras in one while…
2014 Honda Valkyrie First Ride
…is located above the turn signal switch on the left control housing and kept tripping riders up, myself included. Ruminating about our time on the 2014 Valkyrie, one of the most poignant quips provided by the Honda PR machine is “The Valkyrie is not a tribute machine that celebrates the past.” The…
2009 CBR600RR C-ABS - First Ride
…the one-percent of people able to exploit a sportbike's braking performance beyond that of an ABS system, thus I considered them as a hindrance to the beloved fun-factor and a deterrent for fast lap times. In the dry Ilike to back it in andmess around with the occasional stoppie from time to time, which…
2011 Performance Cruiser Smackdown
…tire begs you to drop the clutch and post your best quarter-mile time. Harley’s 1250cc liquid- cooled, 60-degree Revolution V-Twin is the most technically advanced engine in the company’s line-up featuring dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. The only bike in this test that doesn’t…
2014 Light-Heavyweight Supersport Shootout
…Suzuki along with the other middleweights during last season’s Supersport Shootout IX . This time, however, the Ninja has its work cut out for it as it employs the smallest capacity engine (636cc Inline Four). But don’t count the green bike out yet—since it boasts a highly refined engine and chassis…
2001 Cagiva Raptor
…bike, a bike that makes you want to ride it. Park one of these in your garage and you'll constantly be finding excuses to get back on. Those five-minute hops to the local store (you'll find any excuse to ride the Raptor) soon turn into fifty mile scorching rides down the local canyon. Unfortunately…
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