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1 4 Mile Times

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Quarter Mile Times
…strip is one of the most popular motorsports in America and quarter-mile times are a popular measure of a motorcycle's performance. Quarter-mile times are a popular performance benchmark for cars and motorcycles. The popularity of quarter-mile performance numbers comes from drag racing , one of the most…
2011 Performance Cruiser Smackdown Conclusion
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2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 First Ride
…and I believe that this is the effect Suzuki intended. Are you sure this thing's a cruiser? It sure doesn't handle like one. Hiking a leg over the motorcycle for the first time I almost felt big at six-feet tall. Sure, the M90 is 2.4-inches shorter in overall length than the M109R, but that wasn't…
2011 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Comparison
…was developed with the help of Porsche and a uniquely styled perimeter frame. One of the most aggressive iterations of the VRSC family to date is the Night Rod Special. Looking like it lives life a quarter-mile at a time, this Harley is long, low and full of attitude. Right from the get-go the whole…
2004 Yamaha V-Max
….0-gallon tank's reserve position after just 95 miles. Throughout the test our heavy-handed riders frequently logged under 30 miles per gallon while wringing the neck of the beast. While the V-Max is certainly one of the most original bikes of all time, its most unique feature is trying to find the gas…
2011 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Comparison
…squeeze the trigger. It just feels powerful and fast. The massive 1783cc engine rocketed the Suzuki Boulevard M109R LE to the second-quickest time in the quarter mile. Test rider Joey Agustin testified, “The Suzuki was up at the top for my favorite bikes of the day. This cruiser has an amazing engine,…
2012 KTM RC8R Street Comparison
…specialists, Waheed and Vigil. The pull of the clutch is light yet slightly vague which most likely contributed to the longer 0-60 and quarter-mile times as it was challenging to get a optimal launch. The chassis of the RC8R is as unorthodox as the 75-degree V-Twin powerplant that hangs from its chromoly…
2011 Performance Cruiser Smackdown
…tire begs you to drop the clutch and post your best quarter-mile time. Harley’s 1250cc liquid- cooled, 60-degree Revolution V-Twin is the most technically advanced engine in the company’s line-up featuring dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. The only bike in this test that doesn’t…
2011 Victory Hammer Comparison
…posting the slowest quarter-mile and 0-60mph times in the test with 13.76s and 4.62s respectively. Although the Hammer posted the second-highest torque number in the test with 104.07 ft-lb, it’s back of the pack horsepower number of 84.99 left it eating dust every time we got a little froggy and decided…
'13 Sportster 883 Iron vs Star Bolt vs Bonneville
…for best fuel economy. We also took them out to Chuckwalla Raceway to see which bike could boogie down the quarter-mile fastest and to log 0-60mph times. After 1651 cumulative miles on all three bikes, the motorcycle with the biggest engine actually got the best gas mileage, the 2014 Star Bolt leading…
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